Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Answer

Nada urg jwb my previous post ah sodih lh..ehheehe well anyhoos jawapan nya ada lh..


hehe figure out why eheheh

Friday, August 28, 2009


Something I heard on the train on the way home today.. The cleaner asked us a question..

"How many seconds are there in a year?"
Bah siapa pandai?jawab tia..taruh arh the chit chat box... I'll let you know the answer in the next post :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa 1430 Hijrah 2009 Masehi

Hi peeps... How is fasting for you so far? We have already reached hari yg ke-6. Hopefully we all succeed in the end of the month.. Amin! I have recently submittted my dissertation. Alhamdulilah. Mudahan saja my work is good. Usaha sudah so tinggal tawakkal & doa. Amin ya rabbalamin. Mudahan jua dalam bulan Ramadhan ani, thesis ku atu diberkati oleh Nya jua. :D Next thing to do is my presentation next week. And I hope that goes along fine also..

Well.. what else is happening? most of the !B are already working gaji hari as teachers. Aslam ia waiting to go off to the UK in 2 months time.. Bagi !B yg alum kaja im sure ada rezeki kamu soon and when I come back aku pun ikut jd penganggur temporary. heheh.. But the good news is we will soon be 10 again..eventhough for a short while. Maybe we should get another studio picture of updated version one.. hmmm... I'll bring that up in !B Inc.

Not forgetting, a very Happy Birthday to our very own Sahibun Nabalah, Awg. Fizree on the first of Ramadhan..Ofcourse I won't forget your bday..and god forbid me to forget anyone's bday :)
So here is a shout out for our commanding (or rilek) chief.

Selamat Menikmati Bulan Ramadhan

p/s: aku rindu garai ramdhan and everything about so jealous of you guys in Brunei..but no worries I will be back soon InsyaAllah.. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009


wasup wit me?wasup wit the whole !B? hehe batah nyamu inda ku mempost ani..serious...i no joking... heheh bh updates!

ea-mulanya macamiani... the peeps are already posted for work! like gaji hari bay-beeeeee...that includes fari, deddy, zamrin & poj pun jua sepatutnya nya p ada glitch arh JSS yatah maybe soonnn jua tu eh...fizah & rina.. jgnth ckp lama udh kaja hehehe syukur2

aslam is nearly there to go off for pilot..just waiting for the green light somwhere and he maybe off early next mth. at the moment hes doing attachment somewhere (hehe inda ku tau dmana).. yatah if c aslam balayar aku kn balik bila th !B ani kn complete? hehehe

bayak is happy with his 'babies' yatah inda ku tau sapa atau apa sebenarnya..mcm yg ku tau is fairlady Z nya atu plg..ntah apa kh baby nya lg sorang atu..nanti2 mengurek..

pijree alum ada update kaja plg..tpinya ada update jua lh heheeh ada gf yo..mau tau sapa?chek fesbuk saja ah...baca saja wall nya..aku bgi 50sen sapa dapat hehehehe

aku?hmm..still disert typing mcm inda mau abis bh..*sigh one whole chapter seems like to go on forever and ever and ever and ever and everr......................... pastu kn aku start packing udh lapang udh bilik tingal gmbr2 yg arh wall saja *sigh mun udh ku lakap tu mcm back to the beginning th ne ah..sunyi i said in my previous previous facebook status..sussex will always be a home sweet home but not as sweet as Brunei. esp. when ramadhan is around the many memories and rituals we share with family and friends will always make this time of the year unik. aku rindu kn ramadhan..and im sure most of u other ppl ia jua. so sebelum ramadhan tiba sedia2 kn saja diri..qadha apa yg alum d qadha..and yg bekaitan rohani..semoga semua amalan tani atu d terima oleh Allah jua. amin.

dont forget..berdoa lah byk2..pslnya doa urg bepuasa ani mustajab :)

x selamat menyambut kedtgan bulan Ramadhan x

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday July !B babies!!

!B would like to wish happy birthday to 2 of the !B who are celebrating their bdays this JULY!!
Semoga panjang umur, murah rezki, semakin betambah kapal d laut! Best of luck for ur future guys..miss you guys dearly..hope u guys enjoyed ur special day :)

P/S: bila belanja ah???

Poji. 12th July 19XX

Zamri. 26th July 19XX

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Congratulations to Pijeng!

!B would like to wish a greatest Congratulations to Pijeng for her recent wedding celebration on the 14.06.09. Semoga murah rezki, bebahagia & bekekalan hingga ke akhr hayat. Amin ya rabbal alamin. So sad for me to have missed it but hope to see u guys soon when I get back.

Here are some shots of the wedding taken by !B no.9.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Lunch at mcD

One of events that happened in May was the lunch at McD which happened on the 16th of May. Only 7 of the !B were there. Deddy had work in the afternoon, Zamri inda sampat I think and yours truly was beribu2 melon away..heheh there will be a day when we will dine together again amin~ soon soon.. so without further a due here are some photos from that day taken from the one and only Bayakzz..

Presenting the girls... Fari, Fizah and tche Rina

The guys. Clockwise: Aslam, Pijree, Poji and Bayakzz.
A picture of the mountain of chips they had and a !B group photo :D

I really miss you guys and I hope to see you guys as soon as I get back say another 3 months or so :) <3 you !B

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Exams are over but nothing is the same. There is still a lot to think about especially for the upcoming months. Firstly, I need to decide on a topic for my dissertation soon within the next two weeks or so. I will be expecting my sister from Bath on Saturday and my other sister and cousin form Brunei mid June.

Hopefully my exam results would be good (amin) tinggal tawakkal saja lagi..sometimes I think too much in terms of results. Its just that when seeing some people getting better results it makes me feel disappointed in mine. I mean I should be grateful that I passed shouldn't I? but I can't stop feeling that I could have done better when I knew I tried my best. But then again maybe it was not good enough. Maybe ada hikmah behind this that I will soon find out so for the time being sabar saja and work harder :) Allah itu maha adil and Allah bayar semua tunai.

Well, anyhoo..regarding the title of this post. Its June! This is the month that we decided to celebrate our anniversary for our group. It all started with the creation of our group in facebook this month last year. Although it has only been a year but our friendship has been longer than that. I would say about 5 years since the beggining of UBD years. And I hope that we have many years to come. No matter how far we are or what ever we are doing we will always stay friends as long as we live amin :)

I would also like to wish a belated shoutout to 2 of our own, Aslam and Rina:

Aslam 20th April

Rina 20th May
I think that's about it for now. And ouh yeah..Its the start of Spring-Summer already here in the UK. Yesterday the weather was so hot it felt that like I was back in Brunei. hehe I miss home so much. But I guess its not yet the right time to go. There's still fighting left to do and a fighting we would do. Till the next post. As they say here cheers~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One more thing...

This is a product of what happens when you want to scare yourself for an exam. You push yourself to study. This was 2 weeks before the start of the exams. hehe ;p

Long time no see :)

Sorry for the lack of updates. (Provided anyone is even reading this blog hehe..) The decrease in updates are due to the fact that we're a bit busy here since exams are ongoing. But hopefully will be able to update soon after it has finished. A few belated birthday shout outs to some members of the !B and some updates on events that happened and soon to happen. So check back for updates early next month or so :) cheers!